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Laurie Alice Eakes is a bestselling and award-winning author of over thirty books in addition to dozens of articles printed in “The Huffington Post”, “Romance Writers Report”, and other online and print periodicals. She was a featured author in the book Their Plant Eyes, a Personal and Cultural History of Blindness in the chapter on blind authors.

Recently, she has begun a blog called Ableism Disables, discussing the realities–good and discouraging–of life with a disability. She was born legally blind and has been totally blind since her twenties. Although work has sent her living in numerous places, she now resides in Chicagoland with her attorney husband, her Seeing Eye Dog Windy, and probably too many cats. She loves live music, live theater, and hanging out near water.

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Laurie Alice’s Latest Additions to the Family

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Chili Pepper

Light orange/yellow cat stars at camera as he's being petted.