In Sight of Freedom

In Sight of Freedom
Laurie Alice Eakes

Emma Barstow wants three things in life: an education, meaningful work, and a family who loves her. None of these are easy for a woman to accomplish in the 1850s, especially not Emma, sequestered in her family’s farmhouse and bored to frustration until she discovers something she can do better in the dark than anyone else. Even if she can’t go to a university, she can do something that impacts many lives—guide fugitive slaves to freedom across the Niagara River and into Canada . . . Until her family’s plans for her life and land deals threaten Emma’s freedom and the road to escape.

James Larraby, with too much family money and too little to do, stumbles onto Emma’s new moon activities by accident. Smitten from the one and only time he ever was able to speak with her, he determines to keep her safe in her excursions along the freedom trail through the woods, while slavecatchers and their dogs try to track her down and stop her work.

Becoming friends is unlikely for Emma and James. He isn’t welcome at her family’s home, and she isn’t allowed out. Yet their friendship, then closeness grows until Emma must choose between her own liberation or witnessing James lose everything he has held precious.

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