Study Questions

  A Stranger’s Secret Study Questions 

  1. At the beginning of the book, Morwenna saves a stranger from drowning. Why is she determined to keep him close at hand?
  2. Morwenna fears several things. What are they and why does she fear them?
  3. Morwenna holds considerable resentment toward her grandparents. How do you think her past drives her present actions?
  4. Which of these are justified? Which are not?
  5. How do Morwenna’s actions effect her spiritually? In her relationships?
  6. How can you relate to Morwenna—or not?
  7. How does David’s relationship with his family effect his ability to cope with everything he endures?
  8. How does he justify not telling Morwenna about her parents?
  9. David is of a vastly different social class than Morwenna in a class-conscious society. What insecurities about his rank does David show—if any—and how does they effect his actions?
  10. How are David and Morwenna alike despite their different backgrounds? How are they similar?
  11. Morwenna is determined to succeed on her own. In what ways have you acted with a similar actor and what were the outcomes—positive or negative?
  12. How does the romance between David and Morwenna help them both grow spiritually and emotionally?