The Heiress

The Heiress
Laurie Alice Eakes
Publisher: Barbour/Heartsong Presents
ISBN: 978-1602607682
Series: New Jersey Historical, Book Two

Susan has a large inheritance, yet all but a small allowance is held in trust until she marries. What good works can she do if her future husband has other plans for her money? Daire arrives at his fataher’s bedside to learn that the heirloom he reluctantly sold for fare home is more valuable than he imagined – and its loss could mean the ruin of the family business. By the time Daire finds Susan to buy it back, the heirloom is missing. Will they find it before its secret is discovered? Or will God lead them to something of far greater value?

Reader Feedback

I recently finished reading your title, The Heiress, and enjoyed it very much. I understand why you win awards for your writing. It’s very engaging. Characters that are really characters seem to be one of your extraordinary talents.

– Donna Winters –

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Teaser – The Heiress

Susan wished she could see Daire’s face as he talked to Bridget. Hers was stony, cold. His stance was rigid.

He’d been taut since he stepped out of Bridget’s flat and caught sight of Susan. She hadn’t looked at him directly, but she caught the flash of tenderness in his face, a softening that made her heart feel like mush, before he turned his back on her and marched toward Bridget with shoulders as rigid as a building wall.

Such nice shoulders.

“I love him,” Susan murmured to the baby. He cooed in response and took two fistfuls of her hair. “But he’ll never love me. He’ll get his goldfinch back and leave.” The baby giggled. Smiling, Susan cuddled him close. “I can live without him if I can make babies like you laugh.”

If she could bring hope to the little ones and their parents.

“How can I do this, Lord? I don’t know You enough to talk to people like Deborah talked to me, but I must do. . . something.”

Her gaze strayed to Daire. Her heart had reformed itself from the ball of mush and now bounced off the wall of her chest like a ball. It hurt to have him ignore her. Physically hurt.

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